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Most of the time I posted an HDR with moving people and objects, I received inquiries as to how I achieved it. And usually being asked, "Is your HDR made up of a single shot or multiple shots?" And this is my reply.


First off, you may use RAW and create different exposures of your one shot using software e.g. Photoshop. There's a flickr group specifically that caters for HDRs from RAW.


You may obtain what I'm doing using that process.


However, mine is a little bit different. Lot of work is involved in my unique process but the result is excellent because I use 3 or 5 real shots to have a wider dynamic range covering the shadows, mid and highlights. With one shot, sometimes, it will not yield a good hdr.


But all the best with the RAW process.


And fuzzbox, I don't use LucisArt. Just Photomatix and Photoshop CS2. Could be another venture to look into, btw. I was asked beforehand and not sure if it was you. But, no at this time. I checked their website and they do have some pretty good images from their gallery.


Oh BTW, in response to m @ r i t e s s, it didn't rain and the ground was not really wet. It's part of the post processing I did that created this wet look of the walk of fame.


Thanks and cheers to all.



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Taken on August 19, 2006