A piece for an environment - pictures by Rafael de Bruyne
Pictures of the premiere of my composition 'A piece for an environment' at DOK, Ghent, Blgium, July 3rd 2018 with Kristof Lauwers, Hans Roels, Stefaan Smagghe Thomas Van den Eynde.

You can listen to it here: soundcloud.com/kristof-lauwers/a-piece-for-an-environment

'A piece for an environment', is a performance that incorporates the environmental sounds of the place where it is performed. Six microphones are spread over the place and pick up the sounds of traffic, passers-by, nature or industrial activities. Those sounds are electronically processed (in Pure Data), and this processed sounds are distributed over six speakers placed around the audience. The musicians move around in the space while playing, and also their sounds are processed in different ways, dependent on the place where they are playing.
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