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Convallaria , commonly known as the Lily of the Valley, symbolizes in language of flowers- sweetness; return to happiness; humility; perfect purity


Convallaria is a native of Europe, being distributed also over North America and Northern Asia, but in England it is very local as a wild flower.

All parts of the Lily of the Valley are considered to be poisonous. It has been used in medicines and herbal remedies for heart and epilepsy.


In the Victorian classic, The Language of Flowers, the Lily of the Valley is said to symbolize the return of happiness. Named for its native habitat (the Latin word "convallis" means enclosed valley)


The flower is also known as Our Lady's tears since, according to Christian legend, the lily of the valley came into being from Eve's tears after she was driven with Adam from the Garden of Eden.

According to another legend, Lilies of the Valley also sprang from the blood of Saint Leonard of Noblac during his battles with a dragon.

Other names include May Lily, May Bells, Lily Constancy, Ladder-to-Heaven, Male Lily and Muguet.


The name "Lily of the Valley" is also used in some English translations of the Bible in Song of Songs 2:1, although whether or not the Hebrew word "shoshana" (usually denoting a rose) originally used there refers to this species is uncertain.

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