Give us this day...

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    ...our daily bread.

    I wonder sometimes if I open my mouth too much about issues for the hungry. I hope you bear with me, because that thought always follows with the one telling me that I must be a voice.

    Take a breath.

    Every 3.6 seconds, or the time from one breath to the next, someone in this world dies from hunger. That's 24,000 deaths a day, or over 8 and a half million deaths a year. These deaths are mostly children.

    1 in 7 people of this world live in chronic hunger, which is defined as not having a single day of one's life receiving adequate nutrition. That's the same number of people that live in the world's developed nations.

    In my hands are 3 ounces of rice. The average person living in chronic hunger receives only this amount of food...daily.

    The fact is that we have a bountiful God, and it would be funny if it were not so sad that God has given us an earth capable of feeding every human a daily diet of 3,500 calories in grains alone. That's enough to make everyone fat. The sadness is that people still die from hunger.

    The United Nations knows this. Our governments' leaders know this. We have the distribution know-how to feed everyone. What is lacking is the moral courage of the people to say this is an injustice.

    As a Christian, I must remember that I pray for our daily bread, not my daily bread. I must fight the temptation to construct a life where the poor are absent, and I must not submit to a theology that makes me comfortable in a world where the poor are invisible. When I do not recognize the faces of the hungry as my brothers and sisters, and when I do not stand up to be the voice for those whose cries go unheard, how sadly ironic it is that I follow the petition to give us this day our daily bread with a request to be forgiven of my sins.


    "The community which prays, 'Give us this day our daily bread,' and has as its constitutive sacrament the breaking of the bread in Jesus' name is by definition a community in service to the hungry. By virtue of partaking in the sacrament of bread, we become united with the one body of Christ among whose members are multitudes who are hungry. The question becomes not if but how we are going to share the bread on our tables with these hungry brothers and sisters." ~ Dr. Craig L. Nessan, Academic Dean at Wartburg Theological Seminary, "Give Us This Day"

    May 10, 2007

    THE NEED - hunger
    THE ACTION - being a voice for the hungry
    NON-PROFIT - The ONE Campaign

    Photo by Kris Litman
    amateur photographer

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    1. ThisParticularGreg 99 months ago | reply

      Great photo - thanks for publishing it under Creative Commons.

      I have used it as the headline photo in a recent blog post about doing charitable work in China.


    2. ehenar04 99 months ago | reply

      We would love to have this added to our group

    3. ModDarling 96 months ago | reply

      What a great image! Used for a Sparkle Thought and linked back! Check it out

    4. WordLive 96 months ago | reply

      Great picture and great caption too - we'd love to have this added to the WordLive group!

    5. dariarocco 90 months ago | reply I used this photo for my blog. This photo shows a heart to give.

      Thank you for sharing your photo.
      Daria Rocco
      Successful Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

    6. 77 months ago | reply


      Thank you for sharing your photograph and your message. I used your photograph in my blog Thank you again--well said.

    7. bnjewell 73 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the photo. I used it on my blog "God, Money & Me" --

    8. jackstack2012 68 months ago | reply

      Thank you, just letting you know I used this for my first video :)
      Thanks for sharing it under a CC license

    9. gebanz 67 months ago | reply

      "Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor" (Prov. 22:9).

      Thank you. I plan to share your photo on Facebook with this verse to encourage Christians to remember to help others who need it.


      Gail Banz

    10. GoGivinci 64 months ago | reply

      Just starting to use Flickr for our business- I am planning to use this photo as a header on our fb page. I will credit you, and if there are concerns please let me know.

    11. Dandelion Salad 63 months ago | reply

      Great shot. Thanks for having a CC license on your photo. I've used it on this blog post:

    12. symphony of love 53 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for sharing this and for making this available under Creative Commons License. I have used this with a quote from Timber Hawkeye on giving at OM | Rekindling the Light Within and I have also shared this edited version with the quote at Symphony of Love's Facebook and at:

      I give others. Not because I have a lot, but because I know what it's like to have nothing

      Thank you and have a great day.

      Infinite Gratitude, Blessings and Love,

    13. massimopaolini 41 months ago | reply

      Great image. I used it on our post - #GivingTuesday Celebrates Generosity. The post will be published on November 21, 2014. (please read my profile for the link)

    14. artwitsyl 41 months ago | reply

      Im creating a donation barrel at our church to support Storehouse food mission near Austin. Im so grateful to find a moving,beautiful image to use. They feed thousands of people a month. Now you are part of that help. Thank you!

    15. 39 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing your work through CC. We liked it so much we used it for a recent post with attribution which you can check out at

    16. Richard Manley-Tannis 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this image! I just used and credited it in a social media feature called 'Verses:' & this is the feature's archive:

    17. gillyfev 16 months ago | reply

      We really loved your image here. It perfectly summed up the message we are sharing in today's Advent message.

      Thank you for sharing your gift so generously.

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