Halloween 2008
Haunted Tiki Island:

Long ago this island was lush and green.

The ocean was full of fish, and flowers and fruit hung from every tree.

Man and nature lived in harmony and balance. People came from all over the world to live in this island paradise. As more and more men came to the island, they wanted more and more from it. They took and took, and did not leave enough for the island to replenish itself and to grow again.

A great famine fell on the land all the people of the island were to starve.

Tribes and families fell apart as they fought over what few scraps of food could be found. They resorted to eating grass and insects and any living thing they could find.

Soon there was nothing left but dirt. They were forced to eat the dead who had fallen to starvation. In time they would kill each to fill their bellies until there was only one person left. Soon enough starvation took him too.

Now only broken bones and hungry ghosts are all that remain on this rock. A curse awaits anyone who would enter this dark place, this haunted tiki island.
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