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Tag Graph: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | by krazydad / jbum
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Tag Graph: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Original Description:

Another attempt to find images with predictable time stamping, and in this case, to discover when people eat meals.


Images tagged breakfast, lunch and dinner - one strip per tag.


Within each strip, images are placed according to the time the photo was supposedly taken. The opacities of the photo have been tweaked to create a kind of "heat signature" indicating where the greatest number of photos lie.


Apparently, breakfasts become photograph-worthy late in the morning, around 11am.


Lunch centers around 1:30pm.


Dinner centers around 8:30 pm -- I'm guessing that people also take the cameras out later in the meal...


I've also done sunrises and sunsets (see nearby in this stream) as well as moonrises and eclipses (not posted - not that interesting).



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Taken on February 19, 2005