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Tag Graph: Sunsets by time

About 15000 photos tagged "sunset" taken within the last year. Compare to the previous photo, which graphs sunrises in the same way.


Their horizontal positions represent the day of the year the photo was taken. January is on the left, December is on the right. The vertical bars are the boundaries between months.


The vertical position represents the time of day the photo was taken, according to the EXIF data. The horizontal lines are hours, with the thick line in the middle representing 12 noon.


The deepest "dip" in the wave formed by the images is the Summer Solstice.


Since there was an increase in the amount of photos during the past year, I am dimming the photos proportional to the number of submissions for that day, to minimize the effect of increasing submissions and to keep the overall brightness uniform. This makes the seasonal change in sunset times more apparent.


Also note a slight echo around 5-7 am, which appears to be folks whose camera clocks are 12 hours off.--

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Taken on February 18, 2005