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Tag Graph: Sunrises by time (first version) | by krazydad / jbum
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Tag Graph: Sunrises by time (first version)

In these next couple of graphs, I used every single photo available on Flickr with the tag "sunrise" or "sunset". At this time, Flickr was still growing, and there were only a few thousand such photos, seen here.


Photos tagged "sunrise" taken since 2003-1-1.


Their horizontal positions represent the day of the year the photo was taken. The vertical bars are the boundaries between months.


Note the increase in quantity as we get near to today's date (2005-2-16).


The vertical position represents the time of day the photo was taken, according to the EXIF data. The horizontal lines are hours, with the thick line in the middle representing 12 noon.


I assume these times are not local, but note the cluster of photos around 6:00 am, and getting later in the day as the year progresses into Autumn.--

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Uploaded on February 17, 2005