Mosaic: Dec 21, 2004

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Test Mosaic for the group A Day in the Life

These are images tagged "dilo", taken 12-21-2004. These are not just images in the group pool (of which there are a limited number) but images in & out of the pool, tagged dilo, with a "taken" date of 12-21.

I have arranged the images vertically by time, with midnight at the top, noon in the middle, and midnight the following evening at the bottom. Within half-hour groupings, I have swapped images around to produce the color-spiral effect.

There's a problem with this image which I'm trying to figure out:

You'll notice a number of images which appear to be out-of-sequence. For example, images near the top and bottom which show bright daylight, or images elsewhere that show clock-faces with incorrect times for the location of the image.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

1) My software is buggy - always a distinct possibility.

2) The clocks on the cameras are not set to local time (or are simply not set/ignored).

3) The images are mis-annotated for some other reason - e.g. the time reflects when the image was scanned from a print.

If you recognize any of the out-of-time images, and can help shed some light on the problem, let me know.
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  1. rfin ages ago | reply

    incredible, wonderful, amazing, thanks!

  2. j david ages ago | reply

    This is awesome. I really like the blue swirl! I noticed in my dilo pictures, that the blue was especially lurid (almost more indigo than blue). I now see that I was not alone. It looks like we captured a very interesting color!

    Could you sort the dilo-tagged shots into colors and make a mosaic of just the blue-dominated picutres? Over time we could collect/generate a seasonal set of primary colors "collages" from the solistice/equinox dilos.

    Awesome stuff jbum!

  3. vanillasky [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Wow! This is brilliant. Looks like poster material too!

    I can even find the tiny versions of the photos I took on the day!

    Thanks for putting this together.

  4. Nachosan ages ago | reply

    WOW!!! this is brilliant!! I love the blue swirl as well! It's really nice to see my photos as a part of something bigger!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. ocherdraco ages ago | reply

    Oh my goodness! I love it! So many of my photos! But the poster is going to be for the upcoming DILO, right? So there won't be a poster of this one.

  6. krazydad / jbum ages ago | reply

    That's right - the poster is for the upcoming one.

    I'm hoping we can get more accurate clock placement on the upcoming poster, and there will probably be a lot more images, due to the growth of Flickr.

  7. FredoAlvarez ages ago | reply

    That's awesome! I was amazed and amused by how many of my photos are in there... it was fun to hunt for them.

  8. jaqian ages ago | reply

    How do I get one and when will it be completed?

  9. krazydad / jbum ages ago | reply

    Final art for posters is currently being completed. Posters will go to the printer in April - at that time I'll make announcements about how to order (a website, via PayPal).

  10. jaqian ages ago | reply

    Great news. How many posters will there be in a set?

    What way is the poster organised ie does everybody that participated in the DILO get at least one photo in the poster?

  11. krazydad / jbum ages ago | reply

    Yes, assuming they are licensed - see my recent post on the subject in the dilo forum for more details.

  12. Églantine 106 months ago | reply

    Ontario Wanderer and I saw your spiral in the thumbnail. Incredible work! How much time does it take to do this and your time graphs or do you have software...?

  13. krazydad / jbum 106 months ago | reply

    I have written various software programs (mostly in Perl) to make these and other mosaic images. I wrote about my techniques in the book "Flickr Hacks".

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