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    A computer-constructed mosaic of all the photos in the "Squared Circle" photo pool, showing the circular interior of the photos only. The images are arranged in a fibonacci spiral, a form commonly seen in plants, such as sunflowers, pinecones and pineapples.

    In this image, lower saturation images are in the center, thus the brighter colors get more real estate.

    A similar strategy used in this image.--
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    1. David Ascher 112 months ago | reply

      Great technique. Two ideas:

      1) make a really big image.

      2) make an animation that zooms out from the center

    2. Erik B 112 months ago | reply

      Wow, great work. I hope everyone will give you permission to use their photo for the prints, cause i wouldn't mind having one...

    3. nedrichards 112 months ago | reply

      Give permission? Hopefully he used Creative Commons licenced photos (or at least ones licenced that permission giving wasn't required).

    4. jonah 112 months ago | reply

      hypnotically beautiful

    5. hi fi parasol 112 months ago | reply

      Very, very, very nice.

    6. Quiplash [deleted] 112 months ago | reply


    7. krazydad / jbum 112 months ago | reply

      Ned: While technically you are correct, it's important to do these tests so that people can see what will be possible when more photos use CC licenses. I'm working with the members of the squared circle group to insure that we only use licensed photos for the "official" poster version. I've also produced a mosaic which shows which photos are unlicensed -- Read this thread for details.

    8. M4XIM4GE 112 months ago | reply

      This must have taken weeks.

      You must be a very patient and detail oriented person... nice job dude!

    9. krazydad / jbum 112 months ago | reply

      In case you're serious: I'm not detail-oriented, but my computer is! These images are generated by computer.

      It takes about an hour to download and process the images, and about 10-20 minutes to generate the image at low-resolution (posters at print resolution will take considerably longer - probably an overnight job).

      It takes about 30 minutes to write the program (but years to learn the arcane skills necessary to do so ;-) .

    10. slightly-less-random 107 months ago | reply

      This is just great, nice job

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