Steganograph: Whaling

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    This was an experiment to see how much text I could fit into a steganographic image. This image contains the complete text of Melville's two novels, Moby Dick and Typee.

    To decode it, you will need access to the original image, which I have stored here (the original website I found the image on is no longer up).

    Each pixel stores 12 bits of hidden information, the data was compressed into a zip file and then used to modify the pixel values.

    Interestingly, this method of steganography produces some significant compression savings:

    Zipped Text: 693k
    Original PNG file: 998k

    if I simply zip these two files together, the result is 1,691k. But by using
    steganography, the output PNG file is only 1,191k - a savings of 500k.

    I assume the savings is related to the fact that you can't recover the text without access to the original image - there is not enough information in the output file to recover both input files.
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    1. rvacapinta 104 months ago | reply

      I'm sure you're familiar with the following "joke":

      I have succeeded in encoding the entire text of Moby Dick in a single pixel. Thing is, the key to decode it is several hundred pages of text...

    2. krazydad / jbum 104 months ago | reply

      I hadn't heard that. Funny....

      In this case, a picture is worth 319,783 words.

    3. jovike 104 months ago | reply


      Very interesting results.

    4. cobalt123 103 months ago | reply

      Just found this in your stream and the link to the original image does not work. Is there another location for it? Fascinating concept you've explained. I'd like to know more about it. Also very cool to do this with a historical painting of the period!

    5. krazydad / jbum 103 months ago | reply

      I've updated the link...

    6. SantaRosa OLD SKOOL 92 months ago | reply

      The camouflage asks for a password!???

      Seen in Steganography (?)

    7. krazydad / jbum 92 months ago | reply

      The eagle flies by night. We repeat. The eagle flies by night.

    8. Jesus H. Shatner 91 months ago | reply

      Ha! That's great.

    9. Ottoman42 49 months ago | reply

      This is a greta image, but the link is broken again.

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