My Camera Collection
People often ask me where I get my cameras (eBay), but the number 1 question I'm asked is, "Do you use them?"
The answer is no.
Some people consider that a crime, but hey, someone used them.

I don't rule out the possibility of someday trying out one of my 120-film cameras, but I have no desire to re-spool film, or cut down film to fit into some camera that's sure to produce unremarkable results. I'm quite happy to shoot digital, especially since DSLRs became available.

Why do I collect these things? I think each one stands out in its own way. Some may have been marvels of engineering. Some are just fun or silly, good for a laugh. Most of them, I think, are beautiful to look at - wonderful achievements in design.

So no, I don't use (most of) these old cameras, but that doesn't mean they aren't loved. I love them!
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