• Made from an OLD ships chain- from Argentina- each link weighs 15 lbs.(this table took me + 4 dudes to move from my Studio- HEAVY)
  • I made this table from a cast iron Artifact - for an Antiques dealer on Chicago's North Shore.


rePurposed Chain Table > @ M.J. Spear display > Botanical Gardens Show, Highland Park,IL

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The Botanical Gardens Show, Highland Park, Illinois

look for other examples of my rePurposed Furniture @ www.kramerdesignstudio.com/repurposed.htm

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  1. lifebegreen 79 months ago | reply

    That driftwood bench is incredible! That chain link table that's well...something I have never seen before!

  2. Man_of Steel 79 months ago | reply


    The Chain Table has now found a HOME- living peacefully on Chicago's North Shore suburbs.
    A first floor.
    (just that I wouldn't reccomend it for a 2nd floor install......the thing literally took myself and 5 hombres to move out from my shop to a waiting delivery Truck.)

    Each link weighs about 15 lbs!!

    The chain came out of a BoatYard in Argentina.
    (I really like how the "faux-oldification" came out- making all of the welds & the cross members appear, as if they had aged as much as the chain links!)

    The Chain Table was QUITE the show-stopper...
    it seems, most everyone I mention this table to , that attended this show, "remembered" seeing it at The Botanic Gardens Antique Show 2 seasons ago.

  3. Matt Abinante 77 months ago | reply

    Nice work. I like this style

  4. Miss K.B. 68 months ago | reply

    wow...can you ship all these interior to berlin ????

    great shot !!!!

  5. Man_of Steel 68 months ago | reply

    Sure -
    but-in the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you-
    that the Chain Table I made on the left side of the display-
    Takes 5 "Strong" MEN to move =
    so the freight costs may be a bit much......

  6. Miss K.B. 68 months ago | reply

    ok, then i only take...the rest !!!

    don´t think that YOU are strong as 5 men, hehehe ;)))

  7. Man_of Steel 68 months ago | reply

    Perhaps Miss K.B. hasn't been fortunate enough, to experience 1st-hand, any Chicago Men, t
    o show you their strength(s) !
    ;- p

    (especially Men of Steel!!)

    es das Richtig?

  8. Miss K.B. 68 months ago | reply

    OHHHHHHH; that´s RIGHT !!!!!

    so i´ll book a flight to chicago...sometime !!!! ;)

  9. Frog Riding Bike 65 months ago | reply

    everything looks so, so great.. the bench, the table, the sphere... love it!

  10. Epicantus 56 months ago | reply

    Everything is amazing!

  11. Man_of Steel 56 months ago | reply

    Thank You Daria-
    you have a very nice "hand" as well-
    keep on drawing!

    (and find a way to "MAKE" some of your Furniture Designs,
    Full Scale!)

  12. Epicantus 56 months ago | reply

    To Man_of Steel: Thank you very much!!!

  13. Avant-Gardenist 54 months ago | reply

    i love you just the way you are, please come h ♥ m e

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