365.8 (Distracted by Penmanship)

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    This quiet evening, I thought I'd begin the long weekend with a bit of work. You know, still trying to catch up. I wrote a whole page of notes, then got to this new page. In a moment of distraction, I wrote that sentence, then took a photo.

    "I'm thinking about my penmanship instead."

    I truly was absent from the third grade the day the teacher taught the class how to write "f", capital "I", and lowercase "j", and how to join lowercase "a", "c", and "d" to adjoining letters. (It's possible I was absent for a few days.) My penmanship was an abomination till I taught myself to write in all-caps in high school. I stuck with that for a while, then was mature enough to just accept my handwriting as it is. I can make it look alright if I try really hard, but otherwise I like it.

    ETA: This is my favourite pen. Black ink, red ink, and pencil all in one. (My true favourite is a 100% pencil by the same company.)

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    1. just maryse 82 months ago | reply

      i was obsessed with my penmanship when i was in 6th grade or so. i wanted it to look cool, create my own "font" if you will and i practiced over and over again. some of my letters still look like the ones i "designed" back then.

      anyway, unless i think about it, i change from script to cursive within a word and like when i type, i rarely use caps. eh. it's legible.

      who makes that pen?

    2. SassyLeo 82 months ago | reply

      you know, with computers and emails and so much being done online, i realize i don't really write anymore, other than my signature on a cheque. just tonight i wrote a note in a greeting card and man, it actually felt awkward to write!

    3. earthchick 82 months ago | reply

      My penmanship has always sucked and using computers almost exclusively has allowed it to degrade even further. I'm trying to write by hand more lately to try to get back to where it at least feels "normal" to write.

    4. jld902@verizon.net 64 months ago | reply

      hello, found this pic through a link on aol news about autism linked to penmanship problems (neurological problems/fine motor tone)

      i have aspergers and my writing SUCKS! its soo bad, i either got the REDO WORK written on it or USE A WORD PROCESSOR (in red ink) on work.

      i figured for a long time also that there was a strong connection between asperger/autism and fine motor tone, no matter how much practice you make me do, its still going to suck. i mean when i got my swine flu vaccination, i really doubt the nurse was able to really read what i wrote, only time i do "write" anything, is when im signing for UPS packages.

      special education teachers who read this comment, the sloppy writing DOES NOT MEAN the kid has ADHD and it DOES NOT mean they don't understand what your teaching, it may just mean the kid has problems with fine muscle control.


    5. aaron_language 57 months ago | reply

      Nice shot! Love it! Thank you for putting this up with a Creative Commons license. We are working on a movie for teaching writing to ESL students. We are planning to put the movie up at YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/AaronCoaches and perhaps at our site at www.aaroncoaches.com/. We just wanted to drop a line here to make sure that there were not any problems before we put your shot in our movie. Please drop us a line if there are any problems. If not, we will be in touch if we actually finish the movie and if your shot is in it.

      And whether or not we do finish, we really do like this photo! Thanks again!

    6. kpwerker 57 months ago | reply

      Please, feel free to use it!

    7. toocool8 51 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much for this awesome photo. I've been looking all over for a photo to go with my article on writing well, and this was perfect. Thank you for the Creative Commons license! You can find this picture in my article at hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Increase-Your-Hub-Score.

    8. Ava Jae 27 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot! Thanks so much for making this photo available under a Creative Commons license--I used it in my blog post and linked back to you! :)

    9. Career Flux 23 months ago | reply

      Hi Kim,

      I've published this nice 'Distracted by Penmanship' picture (and part of the story) in an article on my blog at the following link:


      Please visit the article at the link above and see if you like it.

      Thanks for the nice image (and story).

    10. silent fabrik 3 days ago | reply

      Used it as inspiration to create an open clipart (for further use in an NGO website) :

      Thanks !

      Site : wikispiral.org

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