Eurasian Water Chestnuts

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    Found on the bank of the Hudson River, just south of the George Washington Bridge.

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    1. jschumacher 56 months ago | reply

      I know this one! They are the seed pods to Eurasian Water Chestnuts, an invasive species.

    2. Kristine Paulus 56 months ago | reply

      Thank you! I was dying to know what they were - at first I thought they were madmade objects, some sort of ornamental finial thingy or something. So odd. I put them in my pocket, rode my bike all the way to the Battery, discovered they'd fallen out of my pocket but found them again on my way back uptown. From now on I'll be on the lookout and do my part to rid our Hudson of them.

    3. jschumacher 56 months ago | reply

      Several years ago I collected a whole bunch of these along the river in Upper Nyack, thinking that I could do something crafty could be done with them. Alas, my crafting skills are pretty much limited to thinking "I could do something crafty with this" so nothing ever came of the collection other than finding out what they were.

    4. Kristine Paulus 56 months ago | reply

      they'd make a nice necklace perhaps

    5. 3Point141 53 months ago | reply

      Sc. Name = Trapa natans
      Family = Lythraceae

      Not to be confused with an unrelated edible aquatic plant, Eleocharis dulcis, a sedge in the Family Cyperaceae, which is called also Water Chestnut.
      The corm of Eeocharis dulcis is the familiar Water Chestnut, or Chinese Water Chestnut that is commonly used in Chinese cuisine.

    6. Kristine Paulus 53 months ago | reply

      Good information - thank you for the clarification!

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