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Milky Way over Broadway Tower

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  1. James Hastie 41 months ago | reply

    D700 has a lot better high ISO capability, the D90 and D300s can't really go higher than ISO 1600 without noise becoming a problem, D700 you can probably shoot at 6400 and get the same results, so it would be more useful for night photography I think :)
    I'm using off camera flash rather than torches these days, it gives a cleaner and more predictable light which I think helps with getting detail on the building, it was pitch black apart from the light from the town, that way I can expose for the sky and then use the flash to bring out the building.
    Nope didn't enter, didn't even know about the competition, I've never entered any competitions although maybe next year but the standard seems quite high (some nice shots in the book as I read it this afternoon).

  2. tim_allen 41 months ago | reply

    Tis a cracking shot James. Need to pick your brains re lighting foreground in long expos.

  3. James Hastie 41 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tim, drop me an email if you want ill help if I can :)

  4. Chad McDonald 41 months ago | reply

    Great Work!

    https://www.flickr.com/groups/strobist/pool/ (?)

  5. Leigh Garthwaite 41 months ago | reply

    Love this shot James, you'll have to tell me all about how u do this next time we are in the loop?

  6. Brett Clarke 41 months ago | reply

    Easy favourite. This is incredible. Hope you had your Bovril.

  7. John Nunney 41 months ago | reply

    Brilliant James, it almost looks like a firework with the milky way spurting out!

  8. James Hastie 41 months ago | reply

    Thanks :)
    Cheers Leigh, if you are interested Dan Heller has a great page on star trails and night photography here which I bookmarked when I was first starting out. If we meet again in Wales I can give you some help/tips :)
    Thank you Brett, didn't need my flask just yet but will be packing it over the next few months :)
    Thanks John, it wasn't the shot I was thinking of when I set out but I really like it, makes a change from trails, it's not often you can clearly see the Milky Way round here.

  9. Leigh Garthwaite 41 months ago | reply

    Ok cool, thanks James, I've bookmarked that page.... think we are planning a 3-4 day trip for the last week in May next year... look out for a get together thread in the new year

  10. James Hastie 41 months ago | reply

    Hope it's some help, myself Welshie and Rob were planning something whenever it's forecasted to be clear one weekend but that would be in Wales, would probably make a weekend of it, otherwise May sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for the thread :)
    Cheers Chad :)

  11. martinturner 41 months ago | reply

    That's bloody brilliant, who cares if it is a composite! I am going to have to give you a shout in the new year to give me some help with some of these star trail shots! Inspired!

  12. James Hastie 41 months ago | reply

    Thanks Martin, let me know if you need any help :)

  13. lauriehughes 41 months ago | reply

    Tim said these were good he was'nt wrong

  14. ► Hammer Head ◄ 38 months ago | reply

    Love the detail in both the sky and the tower.

  15. futhark 37 months ago | reply

    amazing sky, very nice compo too!

  16. Mike.D.Green 35 months ago | reply

    Brilliant lighting on the tower, and of course the sky is marvellous. I must try some of this sort of work as the quality of light in many of your night shots is really lovely. Glad you enjoyed my Lofoten shots and blog article - thanks for taking the time to visit and read!

  17. perspic 33 months ago | reply

    that's beautiful

  18. Baggers 2014 21 months ago | reply

    Very impressed that you managed to capture the Milky Way at all in England, never mind with such a cracking composition! BTW: Thanks for your comment and question on my startrails shot! Would you believe that I stacked the whole lot in photoshop! Kind of tedious, but I needed to clone out various aeroplanes which were kind of distracting! I'll keep an eye out for StarStax next time.

  19. MurrayH77 17 months ago | reply

    Still a cool result image! I'm familiar with that star-trails frustration (from clouds/lens fogging/ or whatever failure).

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