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The door of wisdom are never shut but seldom opened. | by Soleil is me.
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The door of wisdom are never shut but seldom opened.

Droplets on deep orange petals spite our day:)


Appreciate for 29,465 all time views my lovely friends.


She's blooming everyday in My Garden.


The exact origin of the plant Hibiscus rosa -sinensis is unknown. Though it has been in cultivation in China, Japan and the Pacific islands for an equally long time, it is generally thought to have originated in South China. The plant with deep-red flowers is believed to have an Asian origin, hence the name rosa-sinensis meaning 'rose of China'. However, two white-flowered hibiscus species, namely Hibiscus arnottianus and Hibiscus waimeae are believed to be native to Hawaii. There are around 300 related species of hibiscus found in the tropics throughout the world. One species, Hibiscus tiliaceus or the Sea Hibiscus, is commonly found in Singapore. Over a thousand hybrid varieties have been obtained and propagated for either a selected purpose or for simply ornamental value. Hibiscus shrubs, made to grow into trees between 2 - 3 m tall, are used in Singapore as road dividers. Hybrid hibiscus flowers are today available in pink, yellow, orange, purple, lavender or in multicolour forms. Hibiscus rosa sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia.


Thank you for all praise encourage my friends:)

Date June 20, 2011; Appreciate 30,718 views and 733 comment:)

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