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    South Korea has the world’s 14th largest economy and is home to global brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, SK, and Daewoo. Yet this is also a country where an estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are slaughtered and eaten each year.

    Forced to endure deprivation and unimaginable torture from the moment they are born until the day they are slaughtered, dogs are imprisoned in cramped, filthy, raised cages all their lives with no protection from extreme weather. They get no water, exercise, companionship or medical care, and they never feel the ground beneath their feet. Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking. Click for more info:

    Click to take action to speak out against the horrific South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Cruelty!

    Please sign and share the below new boycott petitions:
    Boycott Samsung
    Boycott Hyundai
    Boycott Kia
    Boycott LG
    Boycott Daewoo
    Boycott SK
    Boycott FILA
    Boycott Asiana Airlines
    Boycott Korean Airlines

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