Pyongyang November 2009
From November 21-24, 2009, KEI President Jack Pritchard and KEI Director of Research and Academic Affairs Nicole Finnemann traveled to Pyongyang on invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The trip, which included Scott Snyder of the Asia Foundation, was related to a Council on Foreign Relations Task Force that both Ambassador Pritchard and Mr. Snyder are a part of.

A short trip, most of which took place in and around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade, and the infamous Koryo Hotel, a Sunday outing to Mt. Myohyang (2 hours out of the city) was also a good way to see the country-side. Pictures and video shown here are for educational and demonstrative purposes only and only for re-use or distribution with KEI's permission.

NOTE: In slideshow mode, you will need to click on SHOW INFO to see the titles and descriptions. Videos are all collected at the end of the set and mostly show driving and street scenes.
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