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Steampunk Cane | by Kordite
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Steampunk Cane

The original concept for my steampunk sword cane was as if Nicola Tesla

built a steampunk lightsaber. I started with a cheap Executive

Combo sword cane which had three sections. I attempted to remove the smaller blade in the handle but ended up snapping it off. (It's a $30 sword cane. I'm not overly concerned at the loss.)


I cut the handle and extended it a bit using threaded rod typically used to

run electrical wires through lamps and epoxied to the cane with right-angle grease fittings. I cut the bottom off a plastic bottle to act as the

containment area. This increased the overall length by about an inch, which also feels more comfortable when being used as a cane. A couple of bolt caps on the top act as the electrodes (like a taser) with some copper

grounding wire wrapped and set in some split bolts. A piece of leather acts

as a handle. I have yet to find an appropriately Victorian button or switch

to go in the grip.


There is a 6" by 3/8" space inside wher the short blade used to be into which I intend to put some sort of lighting device. A small battery and LEDs. Perhaps I can getb them to blink. The section in the middle is

currently clear but I could insert a film to give it some sort of color.

The cane currently has an 18" blade and while I'd like to replace that with some sort of Jacob's Ladder electrode thing like those seen in Phil Foglio's "Girl Genius", I probably won't be able to do so without snapping off the blade. I'd rather not do that so I may have to settle for keeping the blade.

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Taken on December 14, 2008