Hot Sauce Bar

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    Current lineup of sauces. These are mostly cheap, mass-produced hot sauces, but I love them.

    Left to right:

    Burman's Louisiana Style – $0.99, Aldi, United States. As good as any other Louisiana style hot sauce I’ve tasted. An essential.

    El Yucateco Kutbil-ik de Chile Habanero Mayan Style – $1.79, any corner bodega, Mexico. Pretty spicy.

    El Yucateco Caribbean Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero – $1.79, any corner bodega, Mexico. Least essential of my three Yucatecos. Nothing about it really screams “Caribbean.”

    El Yucateco Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero – $1.79, any corner bodega, Mexico. The obscene green color just gets me.

    Happy Dogs – a gift; St. Louis, MO. Habanero, cayenne, garlic. Good stuff.

    Extra Hot Tamazula – $0.79, any corner bodega, Mexico. Either this or a bottle of Valentina should be in any cupboard. Not really any heat; standard Mexican hot sauce flavor, but it just works.

    Bufalo Picante Salsa Chipotle – $0.99, any corner bodega, Mexico. Possibly my favorite. I love chipotles.

    Original Hooters ~ $5.50, any Hooters, United States. Overpriced but still delicious on chicken.

    Sriracha Chili Sauce ~ $2.50, any grocery store, Rosemead, CA. If I had to go with one bottle of hot sauce, it might be this one. Because it’s big. Because it squirts a steady stream. Because it’s hot and versatile. Because there’s a rooster on it.

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    1. benchorizo 38 months ago

      Nice. What about Frank's?

    2. Wulfus 38 months ago

      Delicious spread!

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