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Thailand, Bangkok: Will find you

It is said that even if you try to hide, moments of joy will find you.


Joy? who is Joy?




Scene of The Churning of The Milk Ocean


This scene depicts the Vishnu Kurmavatara and the churning of the Milk Ocean. The naga (the king of serpents), Vasuki, is curled around the mountain Mandara. Vishnu, incarnated in the form of a great turtle, supports the mountain on his back. Devas (demigods) and Asuras (demons) pull on the naga's body to churn the water of the ocean for thousands of years in order to produce the nectar of immortality, Amrita. From the churning, numerous opulent items are produced, including Dhanvantari carrying the pot of Amrita. In the end, the cooperation between Devas and Asuras is shattered. The Devas, fulfil their plan of acquiring all Amrita, disperse the Asuras out of Heaven of the Underworld.


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Taken on February 14, 2008