Overpopulation, migration and mobility characterize life and living today. Natural catastrophes frequently leave thousands of people homeless; indeed the very idea of home is less constant and more fluid today than it was just a generation ago, and personal space is now a luxury, making us reflect on how much space we really need.

Container homes are a fast, green, economical and surprisingly flexible alternative to traditional houses as they provide modern dwellings for any household size – from individual to family and community housing. We take a look at five container dwellings that show how living in a steel box can be stylish and environmentally friendly.


1. Multi-Container House, Redondo Beach, CA

This luxury beachfront residence was constructed by DeMaria Design and Logical Homes in 2006 using a combination of eight prefabricated, recycled shipping containers of various sizes with traditional building materials. One container even functions as a swimming pool. The house is said to be strong, mold-free, fire and termite-proof and 70% of its construction occurred off site, therefore reducing construction waste. The architects are also working on more affordable container projects – a community center and multifamily housing.


  • tanngo4 6y

    what different is it from a mobile home? i live in a mobile home and the insulation sucks. it too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. ac and heat just goes right out the house. so i don't see anything green about that other than the house itself is cheap.
  • Andreia's pictures 6y

    The container houses could be the solution for those that took a loan and couldn't afford it. Now they can sell it and buy the container house. The "America Dream" is now changing, who would ever thought...
  • egypt_the_best 6y

    I am only having two inquires;

    1) Why these houses are not popular .

    2) For apprx. $180,000, I do not think they are cheap!
  • egypt_the_best 6y

    I am only having two inquires;

    1) Why these houses are not popular ?

    2) For apprx. $180,000, I do not think they are cheap!
  • +Andre 6y

    You are using this photograph in direct copyright violation. You took the photo from DeMaria Design website and are claiming as yours. I have notified yahoo since I am the photographer to address this issue.
  • fefe84us 6y

    Why the hostility? if it were not for the photo we would not be having this conversation. i am also waiting for an answer for my question above. so i will repeat. is this container not cold in the winter ?
    if no one have an answer please say so.
  • saywhat88 6y

    its almost scary at how serious people can take a picture, its just a house. the only one with a real gripe is the poor photographer and he was probably the most cool about the whole thing anywhoo whats up overthere?......
  • lissa0130 6y

    I have to say that personally, I find the structure and concept to be very appealing. In any community, you have people who do not take proper care of their property, so that is a wasted point to make. If it is that bad report the owners to the local authorties that would handle the issue. I for one would love to research the options and possibilities of something like this. Insulation and A/C are options that I am sure could always be added. I seems amazing that this has not been thought of sooner. As far as heating goes, I live in an area where we see temps -30 to -40 and with the mobile homes here, you improve or accomodate for those extremes. To be blunt, I think you would be a fool and rather selfish to not be open to all options that could improve the environment that the good Lord gave us. Where would you be if not for him???
  • +Andre 6y

    Why the hostility you say? Well if you are an up and coming photog and your work is featured on the home page of yahoo, which it still is as of now, and the credits are given to someone else you would be pissed too buddy. I also work for DeMaria Design so you can understand where I am coming from.

    Here everyone, hope some of your questions can be answered here within the publication links on the site below:
  • +Andre 6y

  • fefe84us 6y

    I dont know if the person is taking credit for the picture or not . this is the only other place i saw pics of these homes. its a free site and is this site not part of yahoo? a link directly to the builder was not provided.
  • Mighty Mike O 6y

    That "house" is in the city next to the one in which I live. It's butt ugly. Fits right into North Redundant Beach, though. Before rents skyrocketed there, junkies and hippies populated that area. Now they are mostly gone, but the place in general is still something that looks like it belongs inland. And yes, the temps here rarely reach the 40's and 100 is almost unheard of. Right now it's 72 with a light ocean breeze.
    BTW, sorry you got ripped off, Andre, I know what that's like. My old radio show is now syndicated, run by a big broadcast company. Not a thing I can do about it.
  • nazcalito 5y

    Old shipping containers are cheap (a few thousand dollars apiece), but they have to be insulated inside and out (spray foam) and rustproofed and they are kind of a funny dimension for making houses out of (40 feet long by 10 feet square.) If I was making a house out of them. I would want to make them not look like shipping containers to avoid complaints from neighbors who don't like industrial punk design. You could put four of them together and make a two story house for a shotgun lot, (long skinny urban lot) and then maybe put a slanted roof on top and stucco the outside. You'd get a kind of tract house and it could be very cheap to build.
  • Dr. Disney Wizard 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Redondo Beach, L.A.'s South Bay, California, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • contained2010 5y

    I have had the opportunity to stay in a container house in all seasons. I live in Canada and it is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer, with proper insulation they are very comfortable in all seasons. Rust is not an issue as there is a paint system that uses N.A.S.A engineered paints that is quite economical. Though I think this type of building is better suited to developing nations from an economical stand point, add solar panels and wind turbines for power and live off the grid.
  • Valerie 4y

    The picture looks good, and the idea is great. Landscaping with native, SoCal plants should have been included in the total design plan. By now, the plants would have grown up around the current inhabitants trashy windows. Down with lawns.
  • peterdj1 4y

    It shocks me that there are some many small minded people marking comments at random without think the whole concept through and before engaging their mouth or writing skills!
    I am living in a 58sq house made solely from shipping containers, it has three bed rooms all with en-suits, one of the biggest open living areas in a house that I have every seen and unless I tell people that its made from containers they would never guess. YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE PEOPLE! you are commenting on one picture from one design. My open living area is 16mtrs long and 9 mtrs wide full plastered. fully insulated, Full carpeted and in the Kitchen Italian luster Red tiles (stunning) with a cooking inland made from one cut of a Austrian hard wood with the six burner gas cooker in the middle, I also have a Italian wood dome oven in the corner which is amazing to cook in, my master bedroom is in the second story and is 7mts wide X 6 mtrs deep with a 7mtr wide X 5 mtr en-suit and I walk out of my bedroom through double glass sliding doors on to the roof of the house which is fully grassed besides it looking amazing it also offers the best insulation you can buy. The stair well is a 20" container on its end attached to the side of the house with a Hugh chandelier hanging from the center, the key to a container house fitting in with other houses is using a Blue,Yellow or Green board on the outside and rendering to giving it a very polished finish. I live in an area that snows sometimes in winter and gets to 45 deg in summer, I have the neighbors over all the time when it gets hot because its a relief for them and I don't have air con, If you think outside the square you will build a container house for about half the cost of a normal house and end up with a house that is incredibly strong,comfortable, long lasting and the ability to extend at will. Good luck, everyone
  • TwoTimesTwentyFeet 4y

    you may like one of our Projects. see my stream or our homepage.
    Container buildings by TwoTimesTwentyFeet
  • Patti Lestig 4y

    Do you have more pictures and specs to share of this home? We are considering doing something very similar. If so please send to Thank you!
  • Dr. Disney Wizard 4y

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Taken on December 21, 2008
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