Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus)

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    Wamboin, NSW, Australia.

    This male (note red eyering cf previous photo of female, and accompanying that female) was part of a flock of about 60 YTBCs that arrived at our place last week. There were also many dependent young amongst them, so a successful breeding season was had, at least by some. It's a bit of a mystery where they breed - probably in coastal National Parks in se NSW and Gippsland, Victoria. It's always nice when they return to winter in the Canberra region.

    1. ivlys ages ago | reply

      What a beautiful bird!

    2. *dmf* ages ago | reply

      Lovely series of photos .. they are great birds, and it's so nice to see them in large numbers. We came across a flock of a dozen or so near duntroon last weekend ..

    3. nightboss54 ages ago | reply

      very nicely detailed shot .... i often see these in threes, adult male and female accompanied by a juvenile although occasionally in larger groups

    4. Standardwing ages ago | reply

      A beauty ! Great capture

    5. Rick Shackletons Photographic Adventures ages ago | reply

      It really excites me and make me envious of all the different birds there in Australia. Then I have to stop and imagine we may have a few that I don't give a second look to, that seem different to you. Wonderful things to make the world go around. I bet these birds are noisy. Wonderful image.

    6. David Cook Wildlife Photography ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments.

      Rick: These Black Cockies can be very noisy - especially the begging young! We like them though, even if some of our neighbours don't (they can destroy garden shrubs searching for their preferred food of borer grubs) ! You're right about not noticing the common birds though - probably the same everywhere. It also helps living in a rural setting - plenty of them around here (and butterflies and moths and dragonflies and mammals and reptiles and frogs and ... now I'm just boasting ;-)

      Your Florida birds are great too - quite a bit different to ours.

    7. aaardvaark ages ago | reply

      There's also been 20 or 30 on the golf course (Vikings N'bundah) every day for the past 6 weeks or so.

      Two excellent YTBC pics!

    8. David Cook Wildlife Photography ages ago | reply

      Thanks Julian - there are similarly about 20 at Yowani - lots of mature pines there too.

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