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Third Times a Charm

Went with my friend who needs no introduction but in case you haven't seen his stuff I'd recommend you take a looky.

I've been up to Rainier for the last 3 weeks and got skunked for sunrise. The conditions were lookin sketchy when we pulled into the parking lot but we decided to go for broke and hope for the best. A third of the way through our ascent you couldn't even see the Mountain! We finally made it to a good spot and just waited. I think it was 20 min. before Rainier poked her majestic peak out and it only lasted about 40 seconds. Within the hour she probably made herself visible another 4 times. It got real cold with that misty fog rollin in and out and it made it really hard to use the graduated filters. When I finally pryed my face off of my viewfinder the scene was so much better than any camera can interpret (sorry Jess)! On our way down we decided to shoot some stills. I had found a patch of these intense orangy crimson flowers and was totally focused on getting some closeups. I heard voices and when I looked up there were two park rangers talking to Jesse. Thanks to his Ricco Suave make the ladies swoon skills he kept us from getting a ticket for being off trail. (LOL) So if your ever off trail and get caught when your out with "Ricco" let him do the talking!

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Taken on August 15, 2009