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Forbidden Gaza T Shirt | by Kombizz
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Forbidden Gaza T Shirt

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff creates artworks of this t shirt that call on the world to condemn Israeli holocaust of Gaza.

This t shirt is forbidden in many European countries.


(+) Israeli Shelling Kills 4 Children on Gaza Beach.

(+) Israel/Palestine War/Conflict. Part 1 2014.

(+) Israel/Palestine War/Conflict. Part 2. 2014.

(+) Israeli forces shoot 30 Palestinian children since start of year

(+) Childhood Memories of Gaza

(+) The terror weapons Israel is using in its war crimes against civilians in Gaza

(+) Targeting of Homes an 'Appalling Hallmark' of Israel's Summer Attack on Gaza

(+) The Palestinian children – alone and bewildered – in Israel's Al Jalame jail


(+) . . . This is the OCCUPATION - WATCH NOW !!


(+) Israel boycotts UN Human Rights Council

(+) Media Distortion

(+) What comes after the Israeli elections?

(+) Palestinian Holocaust

(+) The Elephant In The Living Room !!

(+) Zion Crime Factory

(+) UN's Gaza war-crimes probe chief quits over 'malicious attacks' by Israel

(+) ICRC: Israel offensive has left Gaza water unsafe for drinking

(+) Israeli official: We've dropped 400 tonnes of bombs on Gaza

(+) Stop the blank check - Stop $8,000,000.00 million a day to Israel

(+) U.S. Military Aid and the Israel/Palestine Conflict

(+) The Impact of the Conflict on Children

(+) The Value of Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Orders by State

(+) US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity

(+) The areas BEFORE & AFTER Israeli bombardment !! - WATCH NOW

(+) Israeli explosive artillery fired on Gaza up more than 500% in 6 years – UK study

(+) Over 280 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Forces in February 2015


(+) Israeli war leaves over 100,000 Gazans homeless: UN

(+) Rebuilding Gaza costs over $7.5 bn: Experts

(+) Victims in Gaza in 2014

(+) Thousands of Gazans traumatized due to Israel war

(+) Hundreds of thousands of children shell-shocked after the war in Gaza

(+) United Nations report says 2014 was the deadliest year for Palestinians since 1967


(+) Israel Lobby

(+) Israel forces abduct 20+ Palestinians in West Bank


(+) At the Heart of a Siege: The Voice of Women

(+) Are Palestinian children less worthy?

(+) Cost of Israel to the US

(+) U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel

(+) How much military aid do you provide?

(+) US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity


(+) A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes


(+) Israeli Occupation Archive

(+) The Five Worst Weapons Still in Use - Truthloader

(+) Shocking Clip: Israeli Checkpoint Cruelty


(+) Tiny Gaza Visualized Shows There’s Nowhere To Run

(+) Timelapse Shows Neighbourhood In Gaza Being Flattened

(+) Israel seeks to raze Palestinian village for 'archaeological work'


(+) Visualizing Occupation: Divide and Conquer

(+) Closed Zone

(+) I am Israel

(+) Who is Who in Palestine

(+) No Way Through !

(+) Für Das Kind - Displaced

(+) At the Heart of a Siege: The Resistance

(+) International media silent on Israeli crimes !!

(+) I am Israel


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