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Israel Kills Children | by Kombizz
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Israel Kills Children

This is an image of a protesting young girl. I took it in Al Quds Day in Marble Arch, London 2010.

Iman Darweesh Al Hams (Arabic: ايمان درويش الهمص, also 'Iyman'), (1991 - 5 October 2004) was a 13-year-old Palestinian girl killed by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fire near a military observation post in a "no-man's" zone near the Philadelphi Route on 5 October 2004, in Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF commander of the soldiers which shot her was accused by his comrades and Palestinian witnesses of using automatic fire into the girl's body as she lay wounded on the ground, a subject which was brought into investigation. The commander was found not guilty of illegal use of his weapon, conduct unbecoming an officer and perverting the course of justice by an Israeli military court.

Human rights groups cite her death as one of several incidents which illustrate a "culture of impunity" in the IDF.

According to Umar Abu Khalifa, 25, "Israeli soldiers stormed the area, the girl left the bag and tried to run. Bullets hit the (girl's) bag and then soldiers opened fire on the girl."

Palestinian witnesses reported that it was more than an hour before Israeli troops would allow medics to evacuate the body in an ambulance. At least fifteen bullets were found in the girl's body by Palestinian hospital officials.

Dr. Mohammed al-Hams, who inspected the child's body told The Guardian newspaper that:

"She has at least 17 bullets in several parts of the body, all along the chest, hands, arms, legs ... The bullets were large and shot from a close distance. The most serious injuries were to her head. She had three bullets in the head.

Ehab Hams, an older brother of the slain girl, expressed his distrust of Israeli military justice: "We demand the prosecution of Iman's killer (but) we do not trust the Israeli judicial system." He added, "My sister was an innocent little girl."


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Taken on September 4, 2010