• I made the sky lightblue myself (magic wand)
  • See the difference between the original and pimped wall textures
  • i love how this part looks! - Angel Morelos
  • what is this red "circle"? - pandabearmonster
  • <<< That's the remainings of some armoured concrete
  • very cool effect but i feel like you need some minor adjustment to help prevent all these blown out highlights, your loosing a lot of detail. - Sean Cameron Cooley

[ Tutorial ] How to easily fake an HDR effect in photoshop

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Easy photoshop manipulation to create a HDR photo without the actual (time-taking) HDR process.

[ 1 ] We'll call the original layer "ORIGINAL", now duplicate ORIGINAL and place it above that layer. (We'll call this "BLACKWHITE")

[ 2 ] Change the Blending option of BLACKWHITE to "Overlay"

[ 3 ] Go to Image > Adjustements > Desaturate (SHIFT + CTRL + U)

[ 4 ] Now invert BLACKWHITE: Image > Adjustements > Invert (CTRL + I)

[ 5 ] And add a gaussian Blur to it (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) around 40 pixels (This causes the so called 'bleeding' of the edges, tweak the amount to personal likings)

[ 6 ] Now duplicate ORIGINAL and place it above BLACKWHITE, name this layer "LINEAR_LAYER"

[ 7 ] Change the blending type of LINEAR_LAYER to "Linear Light"

[ 8 ] Give LINEAR_LAYER an opacity around 62%. And you're done (For better results, tweak this percentage)

Download the Photoshop CS3 action here

Some photo's that are photoshopped using this routine:

[ · ] Eiffel Tower #1

[ · ] Eiffel Tower #2

[ · ] Flower parade Zundert

[ · ] l'Arc de Triomphe

[ · ] l'Arc de Triomphe

[ · ] Sacre-Coeur


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  1. Lune Rambler 35 months ago | reply

    I see what you mean - adds depth of colour & detail

  2. Animation Degree 35 months ago | reply

    thx a lot for sharing.

    Animation Degree

  3. Gerard Zegers 29 months ago | reply

    Great procedure. Big succes. Many Thanks Gerard.

  4. sdphoto35 28 months ago | reply

    this works ok I still prefer using light room and adjusting the colors one by one this will be a quick back up for when I am lazy and don't need as much quality

  5. <"_AmiraZ_"> 27 months ago | reply

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank yoooooooooooooooooou very much <3

  6. Stephanieleonidou 26 months ago | reply

    thank you! great tutorial!

  7. dietmarkohl 23 months ago | reply

    Thank You very for this Tutorial - It brings out the Best in my Pictures !


  8. Rashme's Clickz 21 months ago | reply

    OMG your a genius!! than k you heaps

  9. shtoor 20 months ago | reply

    I developed ps actions for faking HDR without glowing edges, you can download it here: bit.ly/Q9v1x1

  10. RLWilsonPhotography 20 months ago | reply

    Oh my goodness.
    My photo's are looking much better now.
    I followed the first half only. Fpr best results (What i fancy)3
    Thanks so much!

  11. Edwin Peek 15 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much!

  12. blind dayze 14 months ago | reply

    thanks to you, now my simple point and shoot photos will be HDR.. here's one photo on which i tried the PS steps..

  13. blind dayze 14 months ago | reply

    Here's another in case the effect in the above photo was not apparent..

    Thanks again!!

  14. jameswatkins1 10 months ago | reply

    The original looks more HDR actually. The shadows in the fake-hdr are too dark. A real HDR wouldn't have such a contrast. I think you made a nice brightness/contrast enhancer but it's not comparable to HDR.

  15. mmijeep 8 months ago | reply

    thx man, very quick and useful tip

  16. nievojanbabay 8 months ago | reply

    i don't get the same effect.

  17. Lars Anker-Rasch 8 months ago | reply

    There is less dynamic range in the one on the right. fail.

  18. rtfinney 7 months ago | reply

    I'm currently having issues with my computer that has PS on it... but I have Gimp on my secondary one. I know gimp doesnt have the feature of Leanear light ....Does anyone know what would be similar on it? I'm stuck on a HDR request am I'm just not getting it with the standard click programs.

  19. mohamedfazilfazil 7 months ago | reply

    For more effective hdr effect we can also isert new brightness nd contrast layer and tweak the percentages of it and change its blending mode to overlay...it gives even more grat effect

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