Yul shul (Yushu) Qinghai Province 1999

1-3.20: On the tenth day of the first lunar month prior to 2008, Seng ze Village, Jyekundo Town, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China held the Lo sar 'Tibetan New Year' performance at the center square of the village. Bro a type of circle dancing, is performed only by men. Bro dance was performed during the day. Sometime gzhas, a dance performed by both men and women, was performed as well.

3.21 Dgu gtor is a religious festival held at Jyekudno Monastery on the tweinty-ninth day of the twelfth lunar month to exorcise all evils and obstacles at the end of the year.

4.55 'Dam mkar Monastery in the winter of 1999. Several villages danced and sang to celebrate the completion of some monastery construction.

4.18. Tibetan New Year performance at the stadium in Jyekundo in 1999. This performance was organized by the Jyekundo Town Government and performed by several administrative villages, under the administration of the town government. Usually, the performance started from the second day of the New Year to the fifth day. After the morning performance, people gathered at the downtown square and played with knuckle bones from sheep and goats. Young people also showed off their expensive traditional New Year costumes. People observed each other's clothes and made comments on the quality. Occasionally, young men fought each other for little or no reason. The fighting drew the crowd's attention as well as policemen.

54.00 Seng ze Village summer gathering in 1999. Seng ze Village summer gathering started from the mid part of the seventh lunar month to the end of the month. Villagers pitched tents on a meadow near the river. People danced and sang during the day. There was no organizer or host of the performance. People spontaneously contributed performed. In 2013 Seng ze Village had changed dramatically with migrants from nearby counties numbering more than the native population. The summer gathering and tenth day of the New Year performances had not been performed for several years by the year 2013.
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