Travel Must: Alwar Horse Safari
Come with Travel Must to Alwar, where we offer you the rare opportunity of horseback riding in the beautiful landscapes of Rajasthan around Sariska National Park.

Horse riding is the best way to mix adventure and relaxation. Away from the hustle of trodden tourist paths, you will discover nature's bounties around the Aravalli Mountains. Another highlight will be the accommodation. The Hotel Burja Haveli is an immensely beautiful heritage hotel situated in a 240-year-old haveli in Burja Village.

Experience Alwar, a wonderful Rajasthani city full of colourful bazaars, stately havelis, and grand palaces not yet affected by tourism. The city is dotted with heritage buildings, such as the city's 10th century fort, the Bala Qila, built by the Nikumbha Rajputs, which spreads over the surround­ing hills, or the City Palace and the Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri.

Hop on your horse on for a hike that takes you to Lake Siliserh, which is the most beautiful of the many lakes that surround Alwar - a truly marvellous sight with rolling hills around it and a palace towering over it (where have our lunch). Other destinations will take you through beautiful natural sites to meet people from local villages, sharing their culture and the way of life of rural India. You will return home with countless delightful memories and a rested mind!
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