Polyphony = Trigger's Girl. Video: youtu.be/HusOb6a54Yw

In the "Trigger Warning" body of work, the Trigger/Polyphony relationship is situated within the butch/femme dialectic "in a way which honours the intimacy of these designations, hoping to articulate the closeness we hold to these categories, respecting the evocative power they hold....to theorise the butch/femme is to interiorise it, embody it, move within it and let it move us. Butch/femme knits together desire, turning and twisting its strands into social formations....Butch/femme is often understood as a gender characteristic which is superimposed onto the female body; in an epistemological mode it is deployed as a style of knowing, interpreting, and doing lesbian gender. Butch/femme is also mustered in an ontological framework, where it is concerned with being, with having an identity, and a kind of true self" (p.1)
"Dualism of outside and inside rule the butch/femme existence. Butch/femme is a liminal state, which the concomitant obsession with boundaries exposes - who is the 'real' butch/femme, how are we different (or not) from woman, or indeed man? But categories such as butch and femme seem to transcend our inside knowledges....butch/femme, like masculinity and femininity, become genders which carry their own imperatives, and thus, ambivalence". (p.8)
"...the butch/femme space is an embattled one, in the street, in the bar, and in the bedroom. But osmosis as a process of disruption is an effect desire: in sex the boundaries of the body melt, and merge. Butch and femme are primarily erotic designations. Within that tenderness is a sometimes violent and destructive assault on the subject's autonomy.....The terrain of butch and femme bodies is often a battlefield upon which gender warriors fall, and often, onto their own swords". (p.9)
"Butch femme relations are beset....with aggressive incorporation and annihilation....There is a violence in butch/femme, the violence of differentiation, supposedly necessary for the generation of desire....The profound jubilation/melancholia that attends lesbian identity evolves from the pride/shame dichotomy which is implicit within the models of outside and inside". (p.9)

Munt, S.R. (1998). Butch/femme: inside lesbian gender. London; Washington: Cassell

Within the story of Trigger and Polyphony's relationship, the "Wicked Game Trigger and Polyphony" clip performs a commutation test on key signifiers in the Chris Isaac "Wicked Game" music video to mount a critique of the heteronormative representations reified in popular culture texts.

Original video reference: Chris Isaac, "Wicked Game": youtu.be/vvvX5QM4z3Y
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