• Old Bakelite belt buckle -- one of my favorite ways to hold shawl tails together.
  • Katie proved a very humorous distraction toward the end of this session.
  • I am lovin' my hair, especially in the back... having cancelled the last TWO hair appointments. I suppose I should go get a clean up one of these days.

365.80 -- Everything slightly askew

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So. I have always worn this shawl "traditionally," with the point of the triangle pointing right to my butt. Today, I decided to wear it differently, slightly askew, a bit off center. I wasn't so sure about the idea, so I threw another scarf into my bag on the way out the door.

Question is: Does it look crooked in a way that makes you want to reach out and straighten it, or want to tell me to straighten it?

(Obviously, centering has been a big challenge today.)

  1. amyherzogdesigns 93 months ago | reply

    I think that's a cute way to wear the shawl.

    Re: Hair: I wish I didn't find it so impossible to actually get a *trim* at the salon. It seems like every time any stylist gets near me with the scissors, I lose an inch. And it takes a Loooooong time to get that inch back.

  2. (afm) 93 months ago | reply

    I like it!

  3. swim notes 93 months ago | reply

    I like askew. It also gives the shawl pin a sort of brooch look.

  4. meg's my name 93 months ago | reply

    i personally prefer it being askew. you could even go a little further off with it. it's fun to wear things with your own twist.

    i bet one of those hip girls of yours can tell you if it looks good or not.

  5. purlingswine 93 months ago | reply

    I adore the whole askew thing ...... it sums you up. perfect wife, a bit askew, perfect mother, slightly askew .... shawl .. askew. I think I love best the askew of you.

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