• Is this your Juno Regina? - mimsical
  • YES!! ; ) And it felt so wonderful around my neck last night that I wrapped it around this morning before I walked out the door, too!!


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Yay! Some knitting time tonight! I'm working on a project that has a couple of XO cable repeats. I love a good cable needle, but usually work those crossings as I come to them without such aid these days. Here, though, I'm making a fix a few rows below where I'd sailed right through without working the cable. The rows are rather long, so rather than rip out the entire row, I just fix the sections that need fixin'. All very serious work, apparently. Anyway, all fixed!

  1. aswim in knits 63 months ago | reply

    I love this photo -- it captures how all knitters look at some point!

  2. (afm) 63 months ago | reply

    I love this shot. I rarely use cable needles, either, but that's my favorite kind when I do.

  3. Preita 63 months ago | reply

    I love this photo, great shot!

  4. HappilyKnit 63 months ago | reply

    Very serious indeed - I often refer to knitting as "surgery". That face is a frequent visitor in this apartment :)

  5. purlgirl918 63 months ago | reply

    Such intense concentration. I am glad 'm not the only one who has knitting tools jutting from my mouth from time to time! Where else can you put them and not lose them when you are working on something?

  6. amyherzogdesigns 63 months ago | reply

    Hee, I totally store my dpns in my mouth when I'm doing stuff like this! Great capture.

  7. Yarny Old Kim 63 months ago | reply

    You totally captured the deep concetration look. When I use a cable needle I hold it in my mouth too.

  8. throughtheloops 63 months ago | reply

    Such concentration! Love this photo!

  9. SassyLeo 63 months ago | reply

    great capture - i have needles in my mouth all the time (i used to tuck them behind ears, promptly forget they're there, then proceed to tear the living room apart looking for them.)

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