A Knight's Munchkin

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Please view large size and Meet 1 week young Munchkin hugging his tiny teddy bear and resting on his favorite lavender blanket spread over a very small flower basket. Munchkin’s mother abandoned him and he has adopted a new mom and dad. He weighs in at 12 oz. He requires 9 to 12 feedings a day of 3 to 4cc of formula per feeding. Kittens the age of Munchkin normally need help to keep warm, to defecate and keep clean. Munchkin is nursing well and growing into his second week of life and as he grows older and healthier the feeding will increase in formula yet not as often. I never though a kitten this age would bond so closely to humans as we have seen Munchkin do. He is truly a treasure and such a tiny yet enormous blessing to both of us.

To date we now have taken in one abandoned puppy and 14 kittens with Munchkin being the youngest. It is always a bit costly to care for so many little animals, but the rewards are great when you learn how much they depend on you for care. It is a great feeling to hear the purrs of happiness and contentment. A bit of jealousy will arise between the older kittens from time to time. Just like children our kittens are taught it is fine to play, but we never allow them to harm one another. The hissing toward one another is not even allowed. We have taught them all to be as one family.

What a wonderful world it would be if mankind could live like that. What a blessing it would be to see all mankind realize that we are all one big family, to watch out for and to care for one another without the hissing and fighting. How wonderful it would be is there were never orphaned or abandoned children or kittens.

My final thought would be to thank God for women and men like Sasseefox whom set time aside to care for these little ones who need so much special care. With caring for little ones such as Munchkin is very demanding and feels like raising a newborn all over again.

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    so lovely !
    Definitely a winner!!!
    You deserve another one.
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  7. Knightfox 81 months ago | reply

    A big thanks to everyone with their nice comments. Munchkin is a very special addition to our lives and as he grows in love and size, we will keep new post coming on his progress~

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    a cutie!
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  10. luvmykatz (off now--surgery) 81 months ago | reply

    Oh, I cannot believe the extreme cuteness of this adorable kitten! Bless you for being caring people and helping so many animals! There is a special place in God's kingdom for those who care for the helpless. Munchkin is amazingly sweet-looking! Softest hugs for the baby!

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    [discovered in the photophlow main room] (?)

  12. rebeccas216 72 months ago | reply

    Aww, so cute. I know exactly what u r talkin about, i raised my cat Libby from the time she was a week old. It was a ton of work, but worth it. When i first found her she was too weak 2 even drink, i had 2 us an eye dropper 2 put formula in her mouth and rub her throat so she'd swallow. My vet only gave her a 40 percent chance but with lots of love she made it. She'll be 5 this july!

  13. rebeccas216 72 months ago | reply

    I forgot 2 mention that she has a favorite toy 2, its a pink precious moments plush keychain thing that startd of the same size she was. After all these years it still looks like new! She plays w/ it but takes very good care of it and is very protective of it.

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    SO Sweeeet!!

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    (((sigh))) Such cuteness. :-)

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