Forgotten Toy

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    I was telling my Dad about my photo assignment for this week, and pondering whether or not I should purchase a toy to photograph when he pointed out this old matchbox/hot wheels toy sitting on the fence. It's obviously been sitting there for quite a while. No children have regularly been at his place in over five years.

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    1. Martha-Ann48 57 months ago | reply

      great the textures and colour!

    2. nightstar77 57 months ago | reply

      So nice toy!
      I remember story when my boy was about two years old. WE used to go to meet dad after work. There was toy shop, very big, and we use to stay outside sitting on the bench.
      One day there was a little toy solder. we took another end and needless to say my boy started to plat with toy. Then he put it aside, and found something else. Another boy passing by took toy and play with, then put it aside and returned to mother.
      One after another kids come to toy and play with it, then put it aside.
      After a wile little boy rushed to bench, his old grandma was left behind. Both were in harry. Boy took the toy and run to grandma.
      But grandma was so tired, she come over to sit on the bench, next on me.
      'We forget it!'-she said.

    3. nanaofhuck 57 months ago | reply

      I love the way you set up this shot. Nice job and great find. I was going to go and buy some toys too, but then I got creative. That's the fun of these assignments. You get a chance to get creative.

    4. neeloj 57 months ago | reply

      Great shot!!!

    5. CarmaKarma 57 months ago | reply

      Great Picture! It's amazing the fun things you can find out there if you really look.

    6. katky753 57 months ago | reply

      very very nice! so full of a sense of reminiscence with the captured detail and colors.

    7. Livin4Once 57 months ago | reply

      nice. I like the angel

    8. soccerlilly03 57 months ago | reply

      great Depth of field

    9. gebodogs 56 months ago | reply

      Great idea your dad had. Very nice.

    10. Squirrely_Girly 55 months ago | reply

      This is great! I love the texture and the "rust". Awesome shot.

    11. Rauber Photo Works 52 months ago | reply

      Saw this on PhotoArgus, 20 Interesting Shots of Abandoned Toys.

      You've done a real nice job here with DOF, positioning and lighting.

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