Knecht Ruprecht Waldorf Dolls

The Waldorf Doll has been used in Waldorf education for generations. It is traditionally handcrafted using only natural materials like lambs wool and cotton, materials that are soft and warm to the touch. When cuddled, a wool stuffed doll takes on the warmth of the child, a warmth that makes the doll come alive.

The origins of this type of doll come from a strong European tradition of doll making. Many dolls were made by mamas at home during long winter months from materials that were at hand, like sheep's wool and cloth scraps, instantly giving life to those simple materials.

Each and every doll I make is unique and hand made by myself. Al my pieces are made of the best materials possible. I use only 100% organic wool stuffing. I buy nearly all wool and felt from a local farmers collective Manufaktur Haslach. This Collective supports different rare and endangered species of sheep and organic farming, no pesticides or chemicals are used. The wool is only washed with soda, mild soap and warm water.

The 100% cotton skin of my dolls is approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 certification. It is made by Laib Yala Tricot AG from Switzerland. It is a very high quality fabric which is used and approved since years for the purpose of Waldorfdoll making. This fabric is very resistant and allows a long lifetime of the dolls I make.
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