Gate and Slea Head - 1

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    "Any fool can take a landscape photograph, it takes a special fool to photograph the landscape with a gate in front of it."
    West of Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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    1. cindy47452 93 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is gorgeous. I look for shots like this also. I like to shoot anything other people are missing. I love the thinking and the composition of this one.

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 7/7 ranking.

    2. Sir Isaac Lime 93 months ago | reply

      A very pretty shot, great landscape, well exposed. It could be perfect if the gate were actually horizontal. But it's diagonal, which gets me thinking about whether the camera was crooked or the gate was. From the horizon, i'm guessing the gate was; so you were innocent but couldn't avoid the distraction it presents.

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 5.5/7 ranking.

    3. Zenith Phuong 93 months ago | reply

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a _5.5/7 ranking.

      i like the fact that you are using the gate as part of the photo... it makes the whole pix more interesting... ;)

      but i want to see it more balanced...

      the view is spectacular... ;)

      Seen next to a fellow photo of MiRea's Realm - (RTFR - Read the Flippin' Rules!). (?)

    4. J Catlett 93 months ago | reply

      I like the idea, and your framing is great, with the two posts on the side both split by the edge of the frame. But I must agree that the angle of the gate is distracting, I think this would be compositionally a much stronger photo if the gate was running horizontally along the bottom of the frame instead of rising to the left at an angle.

      It is a gorgeous landscape, the colors, and again the composition there are fantastic. From a techinical point the only drawback for me is that the clouds at the top of the frame are overexposed. It doesn't really detract from the photo much, though, as the point of focus is definitely the lower center part of the shot.

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 5/7 ranking.

    5. Moadh 93 months ago | reply

      "Gate To Paradise?"... Hahaha its nice how you found a quote that fit your photo just perfectly, guess you're no fool then ;)

      From The MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a rating of 5.5/7

    6. Celtic Dragonfly 93 months ago | reply

      I love your caption! Made me laugh out loud. I like the composition. The gate is adding a nice point of interest to this beautiful landscape. It does feel a little slanted though. I think it is because the gate isn't level. Very nice photo though :^)

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 6/7 ranking.

    7. Shaolin Tiger 93 months ago | reply

      Honestly I think you need to go back, dig up those posts and re-align them so the gate is parallel with the horizon, then take the picture again!

      Fantastic capture, interesting idea and good execution (apart from thr wonky gate!)

      From the MiRea's Realm Group, you are given a 5.5/7 ranking.

    8. MiRea 93 months ago | reply


      Ditching the highest and lowest score you get a total of 28 out of 35 in the MiRea's Realm Group.

      You are invited to post your pic in MiRea's Realm Upper Chamber

    9. colourblindphotography 85 months ago | reply

      I don't know what it was about this photo, but it made me laugh, especially after reading the caption at the bottom. It a nice shot, but with this one I don't really think that matters at all. I love it, the irony of having such a beautiful landscape... and a gate. Its humorous yet its powerful to me... although it really is just a landscape and a gate.

      I'm not going to comment on the exposure, or the posts on the side, or the lighting because to me, it does not matter. This is a great shot. Thanks for sharing it!

    10. LA Lassie 79 months ago | reply

      Well, you got my vote and I'm not even in MiRea's Realm. They invited me once; but I got so involved in the QEMD group I couldn't keep up.

      What you wrote was funny; but oh, so true. Excellent photography. The gate makes it even more interesting to me. Loved viewing it on large size. Saw all the white fence post and fencing. With clifts like those killer ones, you sure do need a LOT of fencing. Wonderful shot, K.

      Bonjour ! Buenos Dias ! Good days ! ;=)
      I saw this great shot in the group
      Just Hit Me With Your Best Shot

      Fire Away! Let's Have Some Fun

    11. LA Lassie 79 months ago | reply

      BTW......I had the same gate on my
      property up in the country. Neat!

    12. Kman999 79 months ago | reply

      I was wondering where the gate got to ...!

    13. coulportste 74 months ago | reply

      super composition well done

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