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Sundown Basin

Remixed 6/17/12:


Here's one from 2010, recently reprocessed with some more modern editing techniques.

This one was taken in some of the back roads in Northern California, out by Point Reyes.

It was right around sundown; the light was low, but not so much that the colors were muted.


I've processed this picture a few times, and I've finally achieved the look I was going for. There is a a huge amount of detail captured in this picture, and the more I practice, the better I learn how best to preserve these details.


The original version of this photograph contained a few simple adjustment layers on top of a relatively simply processed HDR panorama. This one contains at least 30 layers; many with detailed masks and individually processed tonality.


The end result is a photograph that not only captures the overall mood of the scene as I felt it, but a vast amount of detail that only comes out when carefully coaxed in the editing process. Even though this was taken with my old 10-megapixel camera, I'm extremely satisfied with the level of detail here. On a technical level, I feel this represents some of the best raw image quality that camera is capable of capturing.


Complete remake - increased size, rebalanced tonality, rebalanced color, corrected errors, improved sharpness, increased realism

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Uploaded on June 17, 2012