The parrot mug

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    1. Squirly Bird Designs 38 months ago | reply

      Wow this is so cool - I love it :)

    2. Diana Thorold. 37 months ago | reply

      lovely swirling colours

    3. skagitrenee 37 months ago | reply

      This image really is lulu:
      remarkable, hullabaloo loo even to the point of eccentricity, and totally LULU ! :)
      I admired it in Lulu ♥
      Bring Lulu/

    4. KireinaJewellery 37 months ago | reply

      l am inlove with this! Lovely

    5. createdwithfire 36 months ago | reply

      may I ask what type of glue did you use, it is stunning !

    6. klio1961 36 months ago | reply

      No use of glue. I will publish a tutorial for those mugs in the magazine "From Polymer to Art", I think it will be published next month. You can find the details there. Sorry, I always tell how I do the things, but this time I am obliged to wait until the magazine is issued.

    7. RuthArt 29 months ago | reply

      After not using polymer clay for a few years, I am trying to get back to it while I still have clay that is usable. This is inspiring me because of the obvious gorgeous color and the fact that you didn't go all the way to the lip, so it's still usable for cool is that!!!

      so once the magazine is published, will you tell how this was done?

    8. klio1961 29 months ago | reply

      Hi Ruth, thank you so much! The article was published in the magazine "From Polymer to Art" on August 2012. I will upload a tutorial soon.

    9. RuthArt 29 months ago | reply

      cool, I'll look forward to seeing it. (I tried making something today, but those swirly things are difficult, I felt very clumsy!) lol

    10. klio1961 29 months ago | reply

      All you need is practice. Of course, you need an extruder to make a nice macaroni, easy to swirl. The most important in swirls is the first part, when you start. Press slightly the first swirl on a surface, and keep swirling. I will try to make a tutorial from the very beginning, but I need some time, because I have to prepare my table for a Christmas Bazaar and for a group of friends who need to buy Christmas presents.

    11. RuthArt 29 months ago | reply

      yes, I used an extruder but perhaps I didn't condition the clay quite broke a little too easily, but I will keep trying.

      I love the vibrant colors you have here....are they all pure colors that can be bought or did you mix any? I tried some fuchsia and it turned quite dark upon baking. I thought I read a few years ago that I could add something to it to keep it bright...but my memory fails me now.

      take your time on the tut, I'll just wait around.

    12. klio1961 29 months ago | reply

      I know what you mean. I always condition a little more the first part, with my fingers, to keep it warm and elastic. If you make the first one or two rounds, it is easier to continue.
      As for the colors, I honestly don't remember, although it seems that I used pure colors. Usually I use everything I have, I mix colors of course, I mix also different brands. Premo and fimo work perfectly together, but cernit not so. In any case, after passing the clay from the pasta mashine some times, it is easier then.
      I never heard about something that keeps the colors bright, I know only about something that softens the clay, I suppose you know that. Fimo has a bar of this material. I think it is matter of temperature the darkening of the colors, it happened also to me a couple of times. I bake in 130C and for half an hour.

    13. Kurabica 29 months ago | reply

      how do you bake the clay on the mug ??
      do you put it in the oven as usual or what ??
      i mean ,, can you actually put any mug in the oven without it breaking because of the heat ??

    14. klio1961 29 months ago | reply

      Yes, I put the mug in the oven as usual. If you think that glass is baked in temperatures like 900 or 1000C, baking a mug in 130-150 is nothing. So, if it is a glass or ceramic mug, you can put it in the oven, no problem.

    15. Kurabica 29 months ago | reply

      ok .. thnQ =)

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