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    My first tattoo ever, was done by Chad at Crimson Empire downtown Edmonton. I'm so stoked on it, I've been waiting for years to do this! So super stoked! It took about three hours in the chair to finish and I'm super happy about how well it turned out!
    Strobist info: one small softbox camera upper right
    Photo Inspiration cred:

    Pretty cool:)

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    1. sarah mavro 41 months ago

      super cool!! 3 hours!? that is a long time, when I got my forearm done it only took my artist just over an hour to do the whole thing

    2. Klem Photo 41 months ago

      He did a ton of fine detail you can really could only see if I shot the tattoo with it filling the frame! Most of the fill was pretty fast but he did a lot of white accents that took a while. Not to mention he tackled the serial number at the bottom of the lens haha. He estimated an hour and a half and it took three (or just short of) so he only charged me for two, which was super nice!

    3. Andrew Prost 41 months ago


    4. Resurrected Ink 41 months ago

      very nice, love the work, detail is awsome

    5. Nick Howe 41 months ago

      So sick! Love this tattoo. Remind me to look at the detail next time I see you.

    6. choness 41 months ago

      coooool tattoo :)))))))))))))

    7. Klem Photo 41 months ago

      Thanks everyone! And If this photo looks like Jeff Olivers its because it was totally the inspiration in the first place! haha.

    8. Ellen Soohoo 41 months ago

      very awesome tattoo. And nice shot!

    9. Angels GE 41 months ago

      so cool! nice to have tattoos like this one :D

      Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

    10. Dazzler83 AKA Pappa Snappa 41 months ago

      This is nice man i'm half not even halfway through my latest another ten hours at least to go haha, have been thinking of getting an F3 on my chest.

      tattoos are so much better when it is obvious that there is an emotional connection.

    11. eric_harvieux 40 months ago

      Neat. The KR-5 Super II was my first SLR. I still have (and occasionally use) it!

    12. a perhaps hand 39 months ago

      Really, really nice.

    13. Klem Photo 39 months ago

      Hey thanks everybody! :)

    14. steinsleger 39 months ago

      excelent work!

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