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Nina & Pinta - MI City, IN

A re-creation of the Pinta docked at Michigan City Port Authority, part of the 2012 tour. The original Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic were common trading vessels. The Pinta returned home to Spain and disappeared from history without a trace.


Pinta: Length - 85 ft Beam - 24 ft Draft - 7 ft Sail area - 4000 sq. ft. Displacement - 101 tons


Nina: Length - 65 ft Beam - 18 ft Draft - 7 ft Sail area - 1919 sq. ft. Displacement - 80 tons


In 1988 an American engineer and maritime historian, John Patrick Sarsfield, began building what was to become the first truly, historically correct replica of a 15th Century Caravel. John had discovered a group of master builders in Bahia, Brazil who were still using design and construction techniques dating back to the 15th Century. In Valenca, Brazil, using only adzes, axes, hand saws and chisels, in addition to naturally shaped timbers from the local forest, the Sarsfield "Nina" was built. The Santa Clara, AKA "Pinta" was built in Valenca 16 years later to accompany the Nina on her tours of the western hemisphere. They were built in the same shipyard with the same shipwrights.

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Taken on August 5, 2012