Paris, Parc Andre Citroen
Part of Jardins Gardens Gaerten Paris
On the site of the vacated Citroen factories landscape architects Gilles Clément and Alain Provost and architects Patrick Berger, Jean-François Jodry and Jean-Paul Viguier planned and built in 1992 a (post)modern(ist) park around a huge central lawn (ca. 23ooom²).
Two large prism-like glasshouses are home to tender plants and feteing people, between them water fontaines spring up directly from the paving high into the air.
Six 'Serial Gardens' are dedicated, respectively, to a metal, a planet, a day of the week, a state of the water, and a sense and a colour which gives them their names. A black (Jardin Noir) and a white garden (Jardin Blanc or Esplanade Max Guedj) are detatched from the main section of the park.
One of the most beautiful gardens for me is the Jardin en Movement (Garden of Movement), which, after the intial planting of woody plants and grasses moving with the wind was left to it's own devices. And the children running and playing there, where adults can't or wont follow them. A truly magical place.
A diagonal (630m long) path crosses through the park, and is emphasized with planting and hardware.

Dont miss a trip with the tethered helium balloon, the view over Paris in 300m is marvelous.

Sadly it shows quite a few signs of wear and tear

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