Augarten, 1020 Wien (part of Viennese gardens/parks)
part of Gardens of Vienna | A former hunting lodge with adjacent park, the earliest Augarten palace and gardens were flooded in 1659 and devastated during the Turkish siege in 1683. After being rebuilt and redesigned by Jean Trehet (from 1712), the area fell into neglect a second time. Emperor Joseph II. fell in love with the Augarten in the sedond half of the 18th century andand bought additional land, on which he built a small lodge (‘Josephs-Stöckl’) and had an English landscape garden designed. After opening the baroque gardens for his citizens in 1775 the Augarten became well loved by them for its recreational facilities (like the morning concerts, with e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert) and great landscaping. In the second part of the 19th century the park fell into sleep once again. During WWII it suffered great damage due to bombs and construction work. Two gun towers (flak towers) loom over the park to this day.
In the early 1990ties Maria Auböck developed management, according to which the garden has been revitalized ever since. It is used as cultural venue once again. Iif what a read in a folder becomes true, I might be able to take photos of now closed-off garden areas in near future.
*alben über andere Wiener gärten an denen er mitwirkte: Schlosspark Schönbrunn,
Belvederegarten .

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Set von Pierre MM über die flaktürme/.


See the urban explorers, duncan j.d. smiths piece for more info on the anit aircraft gun towers. Berlin and Hamburg had, as Vienna, three pairs of them.
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