Port of Antwerp - China

In the new world order, China is one of the booming economies we can’t ignore. Relationships between the Port of Antwerp and China have always been good. But now is the time to secure this friendship for the future and create more business opportunities.


Chinese people are known for their love for ceremony and business titles. So to honour the friendship between them and POA we invite them to become a member of the Chinese-Antwerp Circle of Friends. This society will organise events in China and Belgium and it will inform its members about shipping-related business opportunities.

We send out 4500 luxury mailings “Chinese style” where we invite people to join the Chinese Antwerp Circle of Friends. The high standard brochure and letter are wrapped in Chinese red silk paper. Everything is written in English and Chinese and there’s an origami paper boat hidden in the brochure as a gift.

Online there’s a platform where people can subscribe and where their membership is confirmed. Lots of information is provided here throughout the year.

Samen gemaakt met Thomas Renders.
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