April 19, 2007: Secretary’s Day
l• Silver John Caples Awards NY '08
• Nomination Eurobest 2008

Click awards.microsite.be/Electrabel/ManagementAssistant2007 to watch the presentation video.

Since the liberalisation of the Belgian utility market two different strategies are in play.
The challengers are set on aggressively gaining market share while Electrabel is doing its utmost to prevent churn. In doing so, we have developed a series of campaigns to increase the overall brand likeability and loyalty scores.
The most recent one is targeting the retail market. A segment where ‘utility decisions’ are typically taken by the general manager (and the management assistant).

Aligned with Electrabels’ corporate strapline -Het is jouw energie / Vous avez l’énergie- we wanted to boost their energy levels to an
all-time high, using a personalized energy song, during the last ‘management-assistant-day’ on April 19th.
Both online and offline mailings drove traffic to the campaign website, where the general manager could send a personalized a-cappella e-card to his much appreciated management assistant.
A unique moment claimed by Electrabel who clearly offers more than just energy.

Results that can be directly attributed to this
campaign exceed the industry response rates
and thus speak for themselves:
• 11.633 managers were contacted. Online if we could, offline when needed.
• Out of this group 2.164 a-cappella e-cards were sent (18,6%).
• Due to a non-intended, viral effect 919 new managers also found the website (7,8%) and sent an e-card.
Brand likeability and loyalty scores are not that easily assigned to a specific campaign. But if we consider market share as a relevant barometer:
it has remained stable even during the latest turmoil.
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