Dull Parties Liberation Front
Check awards.microsite.be/ProximityBBDO/DullPartiesLiberationFront to watch the presentation video.

The Belgian BBDO agencies had quite a dull reputation when it comes to client events. How could we make clear that this years New Year’s event would be different? By setting up a Dull Parties Liberation Front and take over the event in a disco guerilla style!

We hacked the whole campaign announcing the event and the event itself.

- A nicely executed and expensive looking mailing/invitation was torn open and sealed again with adhesive tape. On the mailing, we put a DPLF-sticker and a post-it that made clear that the DPLF was taking over the event, without knowledge of the BBDO management.

- The invitation led the guests to a registration website showing a typical dull program with retro- en prospective speeches. After a few seconds it looked like the site was hacked and changed by the DPLF.

- BBDO reminder e-mails were also hacked and led to the hacked website again.

- Each time the invitees were contacted, a new movie was added to the site, showing the DPLF restyling the event.

- The extra’s: we abused the Officemax Christmas card, created a DPLF myspace page, hacked employee’s wallpaper and sold a DPLF outfit on Ebay.
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