My husband and I were visiting friends in Racine a couple weeks ago...obviously we asked to go see Lake Park which is less than an hour up the road. So we headed to Milwaukee and got a hotel room so we could take in some of the other sights as well. Let me just say their canal streets are really neat, and it was almost nightfall before we actually visited the park. We only had about 20 min to walk around but everything was closed. Even the stairs which was a real letdown. Then we saw a couple coming from behind the fence and a big road closed sign blocking ravine road. We asked them if we would get in trouble for checking it out because right behind that fence is the cement disk/ manhole? Which is like everyone else... is where the verse lead us. They said no, everyone still walks the trail and the signs are posted mainly for vehicular traffic, and if you get hurt you can’t sue. ;) The sane rule applies with the grand staircase and as they said that a few joggers came down the stairs... The next morning we got up bright and early to go see lake park and it was so cold but apparently it’s the social norm jog in below freezing temps... it was like 20 something didn’t faze our 10 year old daughter who was beyond excited as she has been following and “helping” with our puzzle solving. Anyway, as we walk up N Lincoln we see a bunch of people going up the stairs so, if we climb the 92 steps. We walked around the park and took some pictures which I want to post but I’m not sure how? Anyway we bypass the fence walk down Ravine road and guys...there is a gigantic hole by the manhole. I mean it was 2 feet deep and over 3ft across. My daughter could have fit down there easily. There’s dirt everywhere and I’m bummed because that’s close to where we thought the casque was due to the pipe that is a few feet away.
Also we’re just examining the hole and we find what appears to be a piece of glass which of course our daughter has to pick up. I take it from her. It’s not real glass! We keep poking through the dirt pile and find more of the same and a few feet away we find some white (ceramic???) pieces that look painted with a blackish rainbow colored paint? But everything is so caked with dirt it’s hard to tell. Anyways we’re not sure what to make of this..because we were only able to collect a few pieces.... and I’m not sure how different the casques look or if they all look like the Chicago one? I cannot find a decent photo of the Cleveland one that isn’t a replica? So if anyone can post one that would be terrific.... and if someone could help us post the pictures we have we would be glad to upload pictures of our little adventure! Thanks for reading and sorry this is so long but I think this is great and good luck to all searchers! :)
Im not sure if what we found is in fact pieces of the casque or not, but ceramic and plexigass being in the same spot of random ground? Anyway it was a blast for the family, especially our daughter. Great times and great memories...
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