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The QRS Wheel of (mis)Fortune

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Gunther Roher spinning the homemade Wheel of (mis)Fortune.

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  1. emdot ages ago | reply

    Now that was a backstory worth hearing. Love it. Cheers to bigger and better and spinning wheels.

  2. Claudine ages ago | reply

    this is gorgeous! vibrant, full of motion, with a sense of expectation... glad it seemed to herald good things for all...

  3. Miss Plum ages ago | reply

    his wig looks itchy.

  4. uae-dragon.com ages ago | reply

    great capture :)

  5. arooj ages ago | reply

    love the pic.. so vibrant.. so colorful :D

  6. precious frog [deleted] ages ago | reply

    lol, very eye-catching kk,
    tho, he looks like a reject 1970's Batman villian =P

  7. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

    lol... he totally does. cool thing about gunther is, he'd see that as a compliment i'm sure!

  8. sxates ages ago | reply

    Obligatory comment on what is perhaps (or so it would seem) the most awesomest photo ever. I mean look at it--it's all blurry spinning! Whoo! The colors, Jill, the colors!


  9. fixed spiders [deleted] ages ago | reply

    you rock kk+ its grand photo ^_^ 10 thumbs up :)

  10. Babble_sims ages ago | reply

    What a cheerful color!!

  11. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

    LOL, nice note Texas TOT

  12. precious frog [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I was going to add more but I wont clutter such a cool pic. =P

    P.S. By request, you need a Quizzler photo set.

  13. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

    show me 2 or 3 others TT to go in the quizzler photoset and ill make it. :) thx.

  14. precious frog [deleted] ages ago | reply

    lol, I just want to see his full ensamble!

  15. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

    lol.. i'll see what i got. i know have some other ones of the same dude as 'guy smiley' but not nearly as fun or dramatic. :p

    you're notes are the best. *smoochies*

  16. different flight [deleted] ages ago | reply

    ooh rainbow

  17. Francesco Cattoni ages ago | reply

    Great shot with amazing colours!

  18. a7036028 ages ago | reply

    From point of high art, this picture is very impressive. An author has good taste.

  19. سمان 114 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called World of colors / دنیای رنگ ها, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  20. simonetin 113 months ago | reply

    very nice!!!

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