Cargo Ship in Vancouver Harbor Waiting to be Loaded

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    1. Claudine ages ago | reply

      it is beautiful over there at night (i'm envying your shots). it's not cold? i thought it was raining? ;)

    2. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

      it's beautiful during the day too! i'm just usually shackeled to my desk/computer during daylight hours.

      it doesn't get cold at all in vancouver. it does however rain from october to may. usually if i've posted up a bunch of night shots it means the rain has let up enough for me to venture out with gear.

      those ones I shot of the bridge at night i shot in the rain with a tripd and a golf umbrella cause i just had to get out.

      come visit!

    3. Claudine ages ago | reply

      "shackled to my desk..." yes, sounds all too familiar, i'm afraid... :(

      if it doesn't get (that) cold in vancouver, it sounds a lot like the west coast/ SF? i do have relatives in richmond, BC...

      i need to make myself go and take night shots... perhaps this weekend.

    4. Kris Krug ages ago | reply

      it is the west coast silly. *points north*

      hey, i'm in the process of launching an redesign of my blog. i'd love to get your thoughts before i show the world. i checked out your new MT one. pretty sweet. how come you decided to switch?

      let me know if you decide to visit your relatives. i'll show you some sick spots out here. :)

    5. Claudine ages ago | reply

      esseff! i meant, "like esseff!" geez. i think i should eat and sleep...

      happy to help with chattin about MT (tho i'm no expert...)

      talk to you tomorrow... i mean, it is tomorrow, so in a few hours...

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