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My Number One Rule In Life: "Always Sniff The Milk"

You shoud sniff the milk EVERY time...even if it's a new jug.

Now this is really deep if you think about it. You can't take a jug of milk for granted. How many of you have opened a new one just to find out it was soured? This is one of the rules of life I have tried to teach my children, even though they personally think I'm crazy. They just don't understand the concept of this important observation, however. Life can't be taken for granted, even the everyday things. We have to enter into each thing we do very carefully, fully alert, and as prepared as we can be. This applies to family, friends, work, and anyone you come in contact with. We can't always assume things are fine without checking. After don't want to ruin a good bowl of Multigrain Cheerios because of a little bad milk, do ya?

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Taken on September 28, 2009